RacingDriving is not a competition!

Driving in the big city can be stressful and I see so many drivers that treat their commute like a competition.  Driving like you are in a race for the few extra seconds you save getting to your destination will definitely add to your stress.

So here’s my tips:

  • Be cautious.  Be aware of what other drivers are doing and try to anticipate their possible actions.  Passing too fast on the left or right may lead to an accident if they can’t see you coming.
  • Be courteous: If someone signals that you need to get over into your lane, give them space.  It only adds 1 second to your commute and the odds are that they will get out of your lane soon.
  • Be aware: A big rig needs more space, so give it to them.  Remember that they can’t stop as fast so if you cut in front of them, they need time to stop.
  • Drive smart:  If you miss your exit, no big deal.  Take the next exit and circle back.  Making a sudden lane change across 1 or 2 lanes to take an exit is dangerous and crazy.
  • Acknowledge courtesy: Let them know you appreciate it with a wave if you can.  Return the favor when you can.

These seem like simple things that will drop your stress level by half.  You’ll live longer.

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I like motorcycles, bicycles and swimming.